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About us

Skaggs Companies, Inc is a Utah-based company that has supplied uniforms and equipment to public service and safety agencies in the Intermountain West since 1995. Skaggs Companies, Inc has a storied history that includes the creation of major grocery and drug store chains across the nation. The Skaggs family opened a public safety and uniform store in Salt Lake City Utah.

This store is currently located at 3615 South Redwood Road in West Valley City, Utah. Skaggs Companies, Inc provides uniforms and equipment for Public Safety employees. Skaggs stores are located in Salt Lake City Utah, Mesa Arizona and Englewood Colorado. Each location, we operate a full uniform and duty gear supply store. Skaggs specializes in law enforcement uniforms and equipment. We work in high regard with all uniform manufacturers.

Skaggs Public Safety Uniforms & Equipment is a family-owned, well-established, respectable company. Skaggs Companies is dedicated to high customer service and satisfaction. We pride ourselves that our stores are clean, organized, well-light, well stocked and with a friendly atmosphere. We have highly trained personnel to serve all your uniforms and equipment needs.  

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Services we offer


Skaggs prides itself on providing quality uniforms to all our customers. Our customer’s uniforms appearance is of great value, and we strive to satisfy our customer's wants and needs for their uniform choices. Skaggs receives great satisfaction in providing quality, respectable, well-made, garments that meet an industry standard. Uniforms can mean different ideas to people. Uniforms for Skaggs represent respect for the position, uniformity of an agency, and team atmosphere. The satisfaction we can provide in supplying this piece of clothing for Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical, Military, and Security is very rewarding for our Skaggs employees.

Duty Gear

Duty gear is the tool professionals carry to do their jobs effectively. Skaggs carries a wide variety of duty gear in stock. Whether you require high-gloss, basket-weave, nylon, or tactical SWAT gear, Skaggs can provide the gear to help in all tasks of your day-to-day duties. The value of customers purchasing long-lasting duty gear is always in our thoughts. We pride ourselves in providing quality duty gear specifically designed to support Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical, Military, and Security personnel. Duty gear should never be overlooked as a quality item on your duty belt. Flashlights, handcuffs, sunglasses, batons, carrying cases, and holsters are all available at each Skaggs location. 

Body Armor

Skaggs prides itself in carrying NIJ-approved body armor from a variety of industry-established manufacturers. Not everybody’s shape can conform to one single manufacturer of body armor. Selection and variety provide for better customer service and a satisfied customer. For one of the most important items to wear day-to-day, for the next five years, body armor should never-ever be overlooked. Skaggs has trained staff at each location to assist in determining the right armor for you. Skaggs employees are trained by factory representatives for measuring techniques of male and female armor. The sizing of armor with sizing samples or correct tape measurements is a necessity for proper fit and function. The Skaggs staff are knowledgeable on all levels of protection, types of armor that suits the job task, inner concealable carriers, and outer load-bearing vests that carry the needed duty gear.  


Reduce the lead time and receive your items faster. Skaggs's on-site embroidery achieves this for customers that require specialized embellishment on their garments. When uniform stores do not invest in their equipment and hire subcontractors, the process of embroidering or heat pressing of uniforms can slow to a crawl. Logos and names on uniforms are commonplace. Identification is mandatory for some agencies. Let Skaggs assist in digitizing your logo, picking thread colors, determining font sizes, and placing embroidery on your uniforms.   


Uniforms demand respect and boost confidence. Department-patched shirts and correctly hemmed pants are a necessity to achieve a top-quality uniform appearance. Skaggs employs experienced tailors and seamstresses at each of our locations. Each seamstress is knowledgeable in common alterations. This gift is usually self-taught and the respect for these seamstresses is, to say the least, admirable. Your uniforms may require tapering, waist adjustments, or shortening of sleeves. Skaggs seamstresses are ready to assist with that professional appearance.  

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