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The Skaggs Star Card is an accounting/purchasing tool utilized by Agencies for the purchasing of goods from Skaggs. This program is offered to agencies at no additional cost and is an additional service commitment that Skaggs has to offer you. With your own Star Card web portal, store stock, pricing, and control over allotments, invoicing, specifications, and more, your agency has the tools it needs to simplify purchasing, cut costs, and stretch your budget further.


How CAN YOUR Agency Benefit from this Program?

Tax Savings

Savings on the Star Card program can be significant. Cash disbursements to individual officers are taxed as income by both state and federal law where applicable. By using an antiquated cash disbursement system, agencies are losing purchasing power in their uniform and gear budgets to income taxes. Direct agency billing bypasses this additional tax, saving a significant amount of budgeted money for uniforms & equipment.

CONTROL over items

Create a uniform and equipment specification your agency can be billed for. You choose which SKUs are billable items even limiting quantities of certain approved items over time periods. Or, give your personnel the freedom and flexibility to get the gear they need when they need it. The choice is yours.

Easy to budget

No budget overages will be occurred by your agency. With Star Card you set the amount available for each Officer to use and our team tracks it for you.


When agency employees shop retail with cash, the agency is missing out on volume purchasing discounts on items they are going to buy anyway. Star Card offers locked-in annual pricing on the items you buy most, plus additional discounts on anything else your personnel need for duty.

Online shopping

Your agency's Star Cards are linked to Skaggs' ecommerce. This way, your personnel will be limited to purchasing approved items at agency pricing. Each individual will also be able to track their own transactions, allotments, remaining balance and past purchases.

Contact us today to find out more about how Skaggs can help your agency save time, money, and simplify your purchasing with Star Card

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